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Complete Anti Aging Skin Set

Complete Anti Aging Skin Set
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Set aimed at a complete repair of the skin for both men and women over 50 years of age.

This specific antiaging set provides the hydration and protection necessary to promote healthy skin and reduce aging.

This limited offer set includes:

Antiaging Skin Care Set

This professional grade peptide solution revitalizes the skin and restores a bright, crystalline skin tone and elastic skin condition thanks to the calming effect of Arbutin and Mulberry root extracts.

Tes Skin Vital Masc

It is an MTS complex based on herbal extracts and enriched with peptides.

Vial with a serum specially formulated for men's skin, to reduce the effects of daily shaving and the external environment that can affect the skin.

Ov Skin Vital Fem

It is an MTS complex based on herbal extracts and enriched with peptides.

It is specially formulated for the skin of women. Provides a rapid rejuvenation effect while deeply hydrating the skin.

Truths Facial Serum

The "Truths" anti-aging facial and body serum is a 100% natural product, which allows it to be applied to any type of skin without producing any allergic reaction.

Made with a natural biological raw material, Truths Facial Serum, achieves rapid penetration to the depths of the skin's cellular metabolism.

Gerovital H3 Tab

Gerovital H3 with main ingredient, the famous and original anti-aging substance.

The molecules of the active substance have a significant effect in strengthening an important physical sphere. Gerovital-H3 has rightly received an impressive reputation among the elderly.

Package includes: