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Medicina alternativa para la salud, bienestar y vitalidad

Gerovital H3

Gerovital H3
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Gerovital H3 with  principal ingredient, the famous and original anti aging substance discovered by the Romanian gerontologist Dr. Ana Aslan.  In the United States Gerovital is categorised as "dietary supplement" in the D.S. act of 1994.

Gerovital H3 is a leading leap ahead in the area of anti-aging supplements. The molecules of the active substance have a significant effect in reinforcing important physical sphere. Gerovital-H3 has rightly received an impressive reputation amidst older people - It is what you can describe as an across-the board preparation for slowing down the manifestation of old age ailments keeping you healthy.

Gerovital is perceived as the founder of today’s anti aging supplement. It was initially brought out to the west in the beginning of 1950’s by the inventor Dr. Ana Aslan who was a Romanian gerontologist.

Gerovital H3 supplements the ability of the body to support cell regeneration. Regeneration of these cells is essential to restore strength and vitality specially in older people.  It has no negative side effects as it is a totally natural formula. It is a nutritional supplement remmended for people over 50 years old.


2 tablets daily.