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MagZapper Magnetic Pulser Dra. Clark

MagZapper Magnetic Pulser Dra. Clark
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MagZapper is a professional pulsating magnetic field device. It generates a strong pulsating magnetic field.

Why use MagZapper?

Magnetic fields are known for increasing our well-being and giving us more energy. They revitalize and relax us. MagZapper reaches a magnetic field strength of 6.000 Gauss (0.6 Tesla) at 0.2 Hz (1 pulse per 5 seconds). This is a very strong field. At 1 Hz (1 pulse per second) the device generates pulses of 2.400 Gauss (0.24 Tesla), therefore 5 times more often. Thus the biggest magnetic field is reached at a slow frequency, but the product of strength of pulse multiplied by time is the biggest at a low frequency.

How to use the MagZapper?

To apply, hold the applicator directly onto the affected area. (The strongest magnetic field is generated at the spool inside the applicator, the strength of the magnetic field decreases with each additional inch of distances.)

When should the MagZapper not be used?

The device should not be used in the following instances:

Most people feel nothing aside from a gentle heating during an application. Sometimes a light prickle might occur.