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Zappicator (Food Zappicator)

Zappicator (Food Zappicator)


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Does not include the VariZapper device.

Dr Clark has invented the Food Zappicator with the purpose of removing small pathogens such as parasite eggs, bacteria, traces of solvents and metals from food. In other words, with the Food Zappicator you sterilize your food. Not only is the food sterilized but you also give a north polarization to food and water. More on this subject is discussed below.

A Food Zappicator is a breadboard containing an electro magnet. This is attached to a Zapper. In this way the electro magnet exudes its own magnetic field which pushing a diaphragm back and forth to create a physical effect at the same frequency.

Benefits by using the Food Zappicator:

  • The d-amino acids are changed to l-amino acids. The body uses l-forms of amino acids.
  • The food is less allergenic before you eat it.
  • Food is made “fresher".
  • Polarization of the food is changed to north.
  • It destroys: parasite eggs and stages, bacteria and viruses, prions found in dairy products and meats, phloridzin, the pituitary-destroying chemical, chlorogenic acid, apiol, phenol, D-phenylalanine, D-mannitol, gallic acid and yeast spores.
  • Benzene gets oxidized to phenol, at least at trace levels.
  • PCBs disappear.
  • Phenolic food antigens disappear.
  • Food seems to taste better.


  • Zappicate food 10 minutes.
  • Zappicate eggs and dairy foods 15 minutes or more.

Magnetic Polarization of Food

Fruit and vegetables, leaves and flowers, even nuts and grains are north polarized when they are freshly picked or purchased. Inside, where the seeds are, the polarization is southerly.

When the soft parts begin to age and wilt and show deterioration within a week of being stored in the refrigerator, the northerly polarization is changing to southerly! It happens gradually. For example, a large bunch of grapes will have some turned completely south in a few days, the wrinkled ones, while others are still completely north (the freshest looking ones). The seed does not change its polarization.

My conclusion is that we were meant to eat northerly polarized food, with just a little bit of southerly food in the form of seeds. Yet, most of the food we eat, even refrigerated food, has turned at least partly south. We are getting an overdose of south polarized food as well as water. That is why I recommend zappicating our food, especially when we are sick.


Water that is simply zapped gets electrical energy, just a voltage impressed on it. We know, from bottle-copying, that water can hold very many frequencies of electrical energy. Food and our bodies are mainly water. Is it the same in food? Such research is badly needed.

Food that is simply put in a magnetic field has magnetic forces impressed on it. We can see that from making north and south polarized water.

Electrical energy even generates magnetic energy and vice versa, so we always receive a dose of both even when only one kind is applied. This, too, needs much more research in our bodies and food.


Check the polarity of your zappicator with a compass once a week. Some magnets can change their polarity by being heated, dropped, or wetted.