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Medicina alternativa para la salud, bienestar y vitalidad

MagZapper Magnetic Pulser Dra. Clark

MagZapper Magnetic Pulser Dra. Clark
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MagZapper is a professional pulsating magnetic field device. It generates a strong pulsating magnetic field.

Why use MagZapper?

Magnetic fields are known for increasing our well-being and giving us more energy. They revitalize and relax us. MagZapper reaches a magnetic field strength of 6.000 Gauss (0.6 Tesla) at 0.2 Hz (1 pulse per 5 seconds). This is a very strong field. At 1 Hz (1 pulse per second) the device generates pulses of 2.400 Gauss (0.24 Tesla), therefore 5 times more often. Thus the biggest magnetic field is reached at a slow frequency, but the product of strength of pulse multiplied by time is the biggest at a low frequency.

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