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Medicina alternativa para la salud, bienestar y vitalidad

How it Works

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The user of the system places the feet in a bath of luke warm water that has a small amount of salt added, in the form of a solution, which aids the conductivity of the water. When the system is switched on, the array immersed in water creates a series of positive and negative ions - electrons. The body will absorb the electrons and a natural rebalancing of the cells in the body will take place.

While you are relaxing, the water will immediately start to change color as millions of ions enter your body and begin to neutralize tissue acid wastes. The color change and sediment you see in the water is produced by the ionization interaction of the current flow; the metal in the array and the toxins in the water and body. Negative and positive ions attract toxins and are released from the body via OSMOSIS. This has a very effective way of cleansing the body from heavy metals and other toxins. The benefits of the Aqua Detox system are, detoxification, stimulation and balancing of the body's energy meridans, and ATP production. ATP has natural body chemicals that extracts energy from your food and makes it available for numerous physiologic functions in the body. You will feel great, sleep better, and have more energy and improved outlook in life.

Some color and sedimentation appear in the water without a person's feet in the foot spa. However, let us compare the remarkable difference in the colors and sediments seen in the water after treatment of just water. The edge test for metals, petroleum-based substances, and volatile such have benzene, toululene and xylene. Testing options are hair analysis and blood testing, to track exchanges in your toxin levels.

Ion Cleanse Benefits

The Ion Cleanse Foot Bath machine provides a full body purge of all vital organs, which can result in reduced menopause symptoms, reduced menstrual cramps, fewer sexual health problems, fewer skin problems, reduced acne, fewer sleep problems, reduced restlessness, relief from stress, fewer tooth aches, less vaginal dryness, fewer wrinkles, reduced Candida and yeast infections. Some people with pain, edema, and swollen joints have reported relief immediately after using the ion cleanse foot bath. Other people with arthritis, allergies, gout, lymphedema, headaches, and neuralgia as well as other symptoms have experienced relief and benefits with multiple ion cleanse foot bath treatments. This internal cleansing can also result in faster disease healing and injury recovery. Healthy individuals have reported feeling lighter and have experienced a greater feeling of well being after the Ion Cleanse Foot Bath has been used.